Much has been talked and written about the controversial BJP PM candidate Narendra Bhai Modi. Dozens of people turn up at most of his election campaigning rallies, youth conferences and other public gatherings. NaMo refuses to fade out from making news on almost a daily basis. Let’s keep the eternal discussion on why he should or not be at the helm of India’s parliamentary affairs at bay for a while. What his CV definitely boosts is outstanding leadership qualities with four flourishing consecutive terms as the chief minister of Gujarat.

Let’s divulge into what leadership lessons can be learnt from Narendra Bhai Modi on the occasion of his nomination for “Times of India person of the year”:

Integrity: Mr. Modi speaks genuinely from his heart. Unlike many other pretentious Indian politicians, the sincerity in NaMo’s speeches is rather evident from his affirmative body language with his face always being in a relaxed state. Some entrepreneurs and American firms have praised NaMo for his honest and transparent governance. Gujarat is flourishing economically since many policies were implemented in cooperation with American companies.
Creativity: Mr. Modi has consistently tried to innovate during his governance in Gujarat. The building of Mahatama Mandir and development of Dholera SIR are some brilliant examples of it. Moreover, he also ideated the hi-tech 3D campaign extravaganza in 2012. It drew great flak from the opposition (for the huge costs involved), but, well it proves that NaMo is constantly willing to transform the conventional.And, Mr. Modi also writes poetry. He has published three books in Gujarati, one of which is a compilation of Gujarati poetries. A leader should be able to creatively tackle obstacles and well NaMo is one of them!Proficient Communication Skills: Mr. Modi has a very lucid vision of India and he is currently delivering his development ideas in election rallies with great panache. His eloquence has even landed him invitations to speak outside India. Only after doing a good research on the subjects of his speeches (from Gujarat Model to animal husbandry to the percentage of youth in India etc) does Modi step on the podium. At a business conclave Mr. Modi will talk on development, education or the like. His speech will present statistics and also use well churned out expressive phrases. Occasionally he also jokes (viz. on Gujarati stereotypes of Phepla etc.) to keep the audiences engaged.Confidence and Positive Attitude: Modi’s tone of voice oozes confidence. His power dressing attires (Modi Kurta) compliment his “authority charisma”. In his addresses he might begin talking about Gujarat’s progress, but, in the conclusion he will zoom out to the bigger picture and inspire the listeners to take the plunge on opportunities, to bring change and to achieve.Humility: Whenever Mr. Modi sets forth over any podium to deliver a speech he addresses his senior as well as other fellow party members with respect. He also makes it a point to thank all the spectators for taking out time to listen to his dialog. Recently, when Narendra Modi arrived late at a public meeting in Dwarka, Delhi he apologized to all those waiting from long hours for him. As a cue to acceptance of his apology the crowd roared. So, you see how priceless modesty can actually be?
Trust: The thing about MS Dhoni (one of the world’s best cricket captains) is the trust he renders on his key players. When you are trusted by the leader in your team you have a sense of security and motivation to perform. Listen to Modi’s speeches at youth conferences and you will unfailingly ascertain his emphasis on the role of youth in uplifting India. He trusts the strengths of his political party and of the nation’s citizens can bring forth development of India.

Whenever an anti-Modi article splurges up on the internet, all the Modi supporters are very quick in retorting with comments (viz. “Paid article by Congress” etc). So, a vast majority of Indian social media users also trust Modi. Did someone not tell you that trust is a mutual thing – Give and take?

Calmness: “Do you feel guilty of oppression you caused during Gujarat Riots?” This question is always on the top of the cards for Mr. Modi’s interviewers. But, make a due note of how calmly he tackles this question. On one occasion Modi walked out in the middle of the interview when he was quizzed on Godhra violence by Karan Thapar. He never lets his emotions outburst aggressively.

Generally speaking there is rarely a mark of impatience or haste in Modi’s speeches. His dialogues are well polished & composed and he is as cool as a cucumber.

Connect: As a leader it is extremely significant to take notice of your team members’ opinions and also be accessible to everyone. Modi is very expressive on social media and his streams are updated very frequently. He makes it a point to talk on all issues concerning India and celebrate days of national importance. No wonder he has a whooping number of over 6.4 million fans on facebook and over 2.8 million twitter followers. He is amongst the few to have conducted google hangouts for connecting with more and more people. And, he also boasts the Narendra Modi android mobile application. NaMo gives you a chance to connect with him on the go – anyplace, anytime.

Narendra Bhai Modi has branded himself as an able politician. As a leader one can definitely learn so many traits from him.