Aaj Tak Manthan Interview Features of my Interview with Rajdeep Sardesai at Aajtak Manthan On the Occasion of NDA Government completing its one year at the Centre:
1. I spoke about the three major achievements of this NDA government i.e
Financial Inclusion: Created over 15 crores bank account under Jan Dhan Yojana which will help people to directly avail Government policies for e.g Overdraft facility now in Jan Dhan Yojana.
Social Security: Launched Atal Pension Scheme, Suraksha Beema Yojana(Accidental Insurance) & Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojana(Life Insurance) for the unpensioned & less privileged society of India.
India’s Global Image have Improved very much in last year, I also quoted IMF’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde that “India the fastest growing large economy in the world.”
2. Slogan of this government to celebrate its achievements in last year: “Saal Ek Shuruat Anek” i.e One Year with many Beginnings.
3. When we came to power we tried to make optimum utilization of existing government policies which was less effective earlier like how we created one platform of Financial Inclusion Policy “Jan-Dhan Yojana” and attaching “Aadhar Card” & Mobile phone to it which is benefitting the account holders now.
4. I also spoke that Telephonic Revolution in the country was brought by former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji during the tenure of Previous NDA Government which has changed our lives for the better.
5. The Price of Urea last year was Rs 5360 / Ton & we have maintained it till now. I also assured that the Price of Urea will not be hiked in next 4 years as well.
6. We are also making strategic planning to stop the Black Marketing of the Urea so that it will be available to the less privileged farmers at reasonable rates.
7. Country is in shortage of Urea, hence we have brought New Policy for Urea Production where energy reforms will also take place. We are expected to produce additional 20 Lakhs Ton Urea to the present production.
8. We are also Neem coating the urea which will make it more efficient & check the Black Marketing practices as well.
9. Replying the allegation of NDA Government being “Suit Boot ki Sarkar” by Congress I said that our government is totally dedicated to the welfare of Poor, needy, farmers & less privileged people & it was Congress government’s misrule which can very well be termed as “Jhoot Loot ki Sarkar”(A Government who looted the country & Spread Lies).
10. I also said that We need to work as Team India. Central Government working in harmony with State Governments will give us a Better India which is happening now.
11. I said Modi Government is not & also will not discriminate with any State government even if there are political differences. “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas”
12. As soon as we formed Government at the Centre we approved of Soil Testing for the benefits of Farmers. We will be creating over 1150 Soil testing Laboratories across the country. All farmers will be given a “Soil health card” through which he/she will be able to know the specifications about the productivity, fertility & Crop related details of his/her agricultural land. Balanced Prescription to farmer over fertilizer’s use in their crop will also be given by the experts. Therefore he/she can adjust accordingly to the experts advise, Hence there is a very less probability of losing a crop due to farmer’s unawareness about the Soil type of his/her land.
13. We are also promoting the use of Bio-fertilizers which is produced by recycling the Urban waste by planning to provide this fertilizer to farmers at a subsidized rate, cheaper than the usual fertilizers so that it will create an environment of Balanced Fertlization in the Country.
14. We are planning to decline the prices of essential medicines(Drugs) by 40-60%. We will also be opening 3000 “Jan-Aushadi Stores” across the country where essential medicines at reasonable/subsidized rates will be available to citizens.
15. We also have one portal called “Jan Samadhan Portal” where anybody can inquire about any specifications of medicines viz. Price, quality etc.,
16. Good Governance & Upliftment of Poor is the common thread between Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s former Government & Present Modi Government.
17. Be it Jan Dhan Yojana, Jan Suraksha Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana, Honest allocation of Coal blocks, Bringing Neem Coated Urea , Evacuation of Indian’s from Yemen & Iraq, Relief Operations in Nepal, Commendable Foreign Policy & Innumerous other achievements are all the jewels of this Indian Governments work in past one year & we are dedicated to work with same passion tirelessly for the people of India in next 4 years as well.
18. “ Modi Sarkar Vikas Lagataar”