Adamya Chetana organised its 111th ‘Hasiru Bhanuvara’

When one looks at this report that Bengaluru is in top 2 world cities to go out of water very soon, we can do two things:
1. ignore this report and pretend that nothing will go wrong
2. Heed the warning signs & take up #Sasyagraha on a war footing

When we launched #Sasyagraha 111 weeks ago, we promised ourselves to restore ratio of trees to human from pathetic 1:7 to at least 1:1 (ideal is 7:1). Our efforts are bearing fruits, as over 1.5 lakh saplings have been distributed / planted to make our #Bengaluru Greener.

Our inspiration & motivation comes from our #GreenWarriors, volunteers of Adamya Chetana who celebrated 100th Green Sunday at over 140 places in India to strengthen this much required initiative. #Sasyagraha