I want to narrate a very interesting anecdote.

Green Bengaluru 1:1 team members (Green Warriors) from Adamya Chetana had their regular Green Sunday, for the 75th consecutive Sunday today. As every Sunday, dozens of saplings were planted that are local to our city. While this 75th Sunday is a milestone to celebrate, there was an interesting twist.
The team members had a small pooja, arati and singing of Vande Mataram. Not for a photo of God or a Moorti. It was for a plant !! And if you have guessed it by now, you are right! It was a neem sapling.

This is the sapling, that has saved around 60 Crore farmers from uncertainty, tensions and worse lathi charges when they wanted to get their required urea supply for their farms. The 100 % neem coating of urea was the reform through which the transformation happened to our farmers. No shortage, no tensions and adequate supply. Better still, many enterprising women driven self-help groups, took the initiative of collecting neem seeds for neem oil generation, making over 10 cr Rs profit collectively.

This is what is called divinity and this is what was worshipped today. Our Indian culture and tradition speaks of Vyasti, Samasti, Prakruti and Atma (individual, society, nature and divinity) – all 4 being part of the larger ecosystem. Today, we got to see that in action, by worshipping Neem that has given this happiness to our farmers in India.

Tomorrow is 5th June, World Environment Day. Let us make a pledge that we will see the divinity in the trees that will help humanity! Let us make Bengaluru, green again. Not just green, but 1:1 Green.