Addressed media at Delhi regarding capping the price of all coronary stents to bring down cost by about 80%. GoI has fixed prices of BMS (Bare Metal Stents) at Rs 7,623 and DES (Drug Eluting stents) at Rs 31,080. Average old MRP for BMS was Rs.45,000/- (new Rs.7,623/-) and DES was Rs.1,21,000/- (new Rs.31,080/-).

This is a big win for the common man against unethical margins. Due to price reduction, patients will get an average benefit of Rs 80-90 thousand per stent. This equals a a gross relief of about Rs 4,450 crore for all consumers in one year. The new ceiling prices will promote ‘Make in India’ in a big way. Presently, the market size of India made stents is roughly 30%.