Bharath Stores: A touching tale of India’s destiny !

Not every MP reaches out to their constituents through innovative means on issues that concern the country. Then again, Shri AnanthKumar is not any other MP. He has the distinct passion to continuously reach out to people. This time, he interacted with citizens through a unique initiative i.e., screening of an award-winning movie on the issue of FDI in retail.

On the 2nd of December 2013, Shri AnanthKumar arranged for the screening of the Bharath Stores at Uma theatre in Chamarajpet, Bangalore. The screening was open to public and registration was done through Shri AnanthKumar’s official website. All the 950 balcony seats were occupied and the audience was curious as to what the evening had to offer.


The movie started at 7.00pm and as the lights went off the audience was transported to the life of Bharathi who had come to Bangalore after nine years abroad. She had promised her father that she would repay his dues to Mr. Govinda Shetty. Mr Govinda Shetty inherited the small grocery shop, “Bharath Stores” and was carrying on the family business with pride.Shettaru carried out the business with so much passion that he had a loyal customer base. The shop was so popular and well known that the bus stop in front was named after it as ”Bharath stores stop” The entire movie was shot in Basavanagudi and audiences recollected a reference to a stop that exists in Hanumanthnagar named after a similar store called Nirmala stores.

Bharathi begins a frantic search for Shettaru, she is unable to find Bharath stores and instead encounters Chandru and Manjunath, who had worked in that shop. Chandru tells her how he learnt along with the tricks of the trade, to be humane from him. Manjunath tells her, he stayed in the shop until Shettaru was hospitalized. He brings her to the Old Age Home. Bharathi finds Shettaru there gazing at nothing, having stopped speaking for months and unable to react to her.

The audience beings to guess the reason behind Shettaru’s present state and they find out as the story behind Shettaru’s life begins to unfold.

Globalisation, Liberation’s and Industrialization has brought citizens of all countries together and made the world smaller. But it has had an adverse effect on indigenous culture and tradition. Especially in a country like India where traditional practices play a big role in everyday life, the advent of robotic mall culture has brought ruin to many lives. Malls and marts popped up to displace the neighboring ‘Kaka Angadi’.  New ethics and style of business were adapted while the old way of doing businesswas disband.

While curious clientele gradually began to adapt to this mall culture, the small and medium traders lost out. Govinda Shetty too was a victim of the tsunami of this dangerous evolution. It is the status of lakhs and lakhs of those like him. Bharathi’s search unfolds the cruel reality of the invasion of mall culture. The audience related to the scenes in the movie since this is the story of almost every urban Indian. The movie posed strong questions on our lifestyle and Government policies on FDI. It made us all rethink the choices we have made in life.

The makers of the movie have done a great job to capture the issue through a story relatable to the audience. Senior artist HG Dattatreya (Dattanna ) has done an extraordinary job and has bagged the Best Actor award at the Fiji International Film Festival. Actress Sudharani has played the role of Bharathi with finesse. The film has been directed by P.Sheshadri and produced by Basanth Kumar Patil.