Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Shri Gunvant Shah join book launch of Shri Narendra Modi’s ‘Sakshibhaav’

The evening of 7th March saw the release of Shri Narendra Modi’s book, ‘Sakshibhaav’ which was done by the revered Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and distinguished author Shri Gunvant Shah.

Regarding the book Shri Modi recalled the days when its contents were written: “What is published today is what I wrote 36 years ago. I used to write a diary daily but this was not the diary in the conventional sense. Late in the night I used to write and this was a Samvaad with Jagat Janani Maa…. When I wrote all this I was never in politics. In fact, I used to burn what I wrote after 6-8 months of writing it. One day, a Pracharak, Narendrabhai Panchasara saw me doing it and he said do not  burn this. That is why I did not burn it and the book has taken shape. It is Narendrabhai Panchasara who should get credit for this and that is why I dedicated this work to him.” He then stated: “I hope those who know me through the papers will know me through my words and through me. They say it is difficult to reach me but Sakshibhaav will connect us in the true sense.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar appreciated Shri Narendra Modi and lauded his several virtues. He then added that those who want to censure will continue to do so but those who are doing good work should continue doing just that.

Noted Gujarati author Shri Gunvant Shah, who was also present said that Shri Narendra Modi is at his best when somebody attacks him. Shri Gunvant Shah praised Shri Modi for remembering Gita Press during his visit to Gorakhpur  for a BJP rally: “I always wished for someone who remembered Gita Press to lead the nation”.  On the flawed notions of secularism by vested interest groups, Shri Gunvant Shah said that in his view, the words socialism and secularism should be replaced with Sarvodaya and Sarva Dharma Sambhava respectively as they sum up the Indian value systems better. He also asked why is there no road named after Dara Shikoh when there are roads named after every Mughal Emperor.