• The debate over sharing Cauvery water predates to the late British era (1890s), wherein the Mysore princely state and the Chennai presidency had to come into terms with agreeing on a divide. The problem arose in 1910, when the both states started with the construction of dams by both states.
  • In independent India Karnataka has been discriminated against with respect to sharing of Cauvery water. We have demanded for a settlement based on “equitable sharing of the waters”. However, there as been no agreement that has provided for equitable sharing of water of Cauvery.
  • During Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s NDA regime in 1999, for the first time that the Governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu sat together to discuss and find a solution.
  • In my 17-year tenure as a Member of Parliament, I have raised the issue of Cauvery water sharing several times in the Lok Sabha. The Supreme Court constituted Cauvery River Tribunal in February 2013 has failed to provide justice to Karnataka.
  • The tribunal has earmarked just 270-tmc ft. of water for the state against its demand of 465-tmc ft. This is unacceptable!
  • The Cauvery River Authority, headed by the Prime Minister, must positively assist the people of Karnataka by filing a review petition in the Supreme Court. Along with other MPs from Karnataka I have taken this matter to the Prime Minister and have protested for the same in Delhi. I have asked the PM to notify the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on the issue and remind her that it’s Karnataka State Government’s right to utilize their portion of Cauvery water.
  • We must remember that the people of Karnataka are dependent on the Cauvery water not only for their irrigation requirements but also for their drinking water need.
  • Demand for water in Bangalore is high: The demand for water is calculated at 140 liters per day (lpd) per person. For the current population, the requirement works out to 1,342 million liters per day (mld). But this is not being met sufficiently.
  • In December 2012, during a special meeting with the BJP Bangalore city workers, I expressed disappointed regarding the issue as the farmers in Karnataka needed protection. It is very important that the Prime minister takes action against Tamil Nadu for holding Bangalore’s share of Water.

My Verbatim Statement in the Lok Sabha in 2012