A young boy, hardly 16 years old, filled with energy & dynamism, responded to the clarion call of Shri Jai Prakash Narayan, a call against the misrule of the Congress which was a threat to the very fabric of democracy.

As a consequence he was arrested & sent to jail for well over 30 days. In fact, this, instead of weakening his resolve, made his determination only stronger in his fight for national regeneration. He was the voice of the student community & fought against various injustices, which happened in the corridors of educational institutions.

1977 to 1987 was a period of continuous learning, apart from the formal education in college. As an active ABVP member, he toured the length & breadth of Karnataka, empathizing with the suffering & understanding the aspirations of the youth of the state. This at a young age gave him great insight into what he should be doing as a life mission. Starting as an ordinary member of ABVP in Hubli in 1977, his perseverance & hard work saw him grow with responsibilities.

  • Spearheaded Save campus movement at university level.
  • State convener of the Save Assam movement.
  • State convener of the drought relief committee of the RSS.
  • State convener for the student youth committee of the international youth year in 1985.
  • State general secretary.
  • State organizing secretary.
  • National secretary of the ABVP.