Indeed it was an interesting morning. Just a few meters from Shri AnanthKumar’s South Bangalore office a crowd of people had gathered to welcome the statue of Karnataka’s evergreen hero Dr. Rajkumar.

Dr. Raj might have left us a few years back, but his memory can never leave the hearts of Kannadigas. It is indeed good fortune that such a statue has been erected next to the Ambara Clock on South End Circle. It is a fitting tribute to the legend because Ambara is to Bangalore what Time Square is to New York.

Speaking at the event, Shri Ananth Kumar said that the rich tributes paid to Dr Raj took him down memory lane. “I have had the fortune of meeting Dr. Raj on many occasions. Dr.Raj was always so kind and humble. His onscreen presence might have varied according to the roles he played, but his off screen presence was always of a down to earth person. Through many of our interactions, we became good friends.” He particularly remembers the enormous encouragement received from Dr. Raj for the building of a the Karnataka Sanga building in New Delhi.

Shri Ananth Kumar also recollected his days as a student when going for the first day of the first show of any Dr. Rajkumar movie was an unavoidable activity. Especially, Bangarada Manusha, Kasturi Nivasa and Ghandada Gudi!

A large crowd had also gathered due to the presence of today’s cinema superstars and Dr. Raj sons – Shivrajkumar and Puneeth.

Also present at the event were were Shri Ramalinga Reddy, Hon’ble Transport Minister; Shri Sathyanarayana (Katte) Hon’ble Mayor BBMP; Shri R Ashok Ex Deputy Chief Minister; Shri N R Ramesh, Corporator BBMP; Smt Indira Hon’ble Deputy Mayor BBMP; Shri S R Govindu, President “Dr Rajkumar Fans”; Shri Lakshminarayan, Honb’le Commissioner BBMP; Shri Ashwathnarayan Gowda Hon’ble BBMP Ruling party President; Shri Manjunath Reddy, Hon’ble opposition party president; Shri Udayashankar, Corporator BBMP; Shri A H Basavaraj BBMP Ward Committee Chairman; Shri S K Nataraj Ex BBMP Mayor; Smt Rajeshwari, Corporator BBMP; Shri B Somashekar, BBMP Major works committee Chairman; Shri C K Ramamurthy, Coporator BBMP; Shri Ashok Das, Mandal President, Padmanabha Nagar Constituency.