Highlighted points of  Historic “Hunkaar Rally” by Narendra Modiji at Patna as below:-

1).  Today is Hunkaar Rally. This Hunkaar is for what? This is Hunkaar of the poor of India
2).  Desh Hunkaar Karna Chahata Hai…and the inspiration is coming from Bihar
3).  When nation needed Lord Buddha Bihar gave Lord Buddha, it gave the nation Lord Mahavira & when nation needed it gave Guru Gobind Singh.
4).  When nation was immersed in corruption then it was this Bihar that gave the nation Jai Prakash Narayan
5).  CM is my friend. People ask me why did your friend leave BJP I said- he who leaves JP doesn’t need ethical bondage to leave BJP.
6).  Those who consider them disciples of Lohia, they have stabbed him in the back and are with Congress. JP and Lohia ji will never forgive their actions
7).  When the Bihar chief minister came to Gujarat, I ensured he was looked after. To look after guests is my culture.
8).  I want to tell the descendants of Shri Krishna, I have come from Dwarka and take responsibility of your well being
9).  Twice a year, all chief ministers meet and are hosted by the PM. There is a lunch organised. A year ago, at the PM’s table, the Bihar chief minister was there with me. The food was being served but he wouldn’t eat. I was worried – but then I realised what had happened. I told him – Don’t worry. There are no cameras here so please eat. There should be limits to hypocrisy.
10).There was time BJP was double of JDU but bigger than party was nation & still to end Jungle Raj we made our friend the CM. In a week the government fell. It was our effort to free Bihar of Jungle Raj. That is why we accepted his leadership
11).Till the time JDU & BJP worked together, if there was someone who did good work it was BJP Ministers
12).There were 2 elections then. There was issue should Narendra Modi come to Bihar or not. That time I said the main aim is never let Jungle Raj return. If Modi has to get insulted let it be, Bihar is more important. Bigger than party is nation and that is why we also took insult also. But his intentions were not good. His friends told him join Congress and become PM. He did not betray the BJP but he betrayed the people of Bihar. He betrayed you all.
13). Gandhi ji said in Champaran that we want an India free of British. Today from Gandhi Maidan lets dream of Congress Mukt India
14). I was seeing TV last night, our Congress friends seem very troubled. Congressmen disappointed with me calling the dynasty prince as “Shahzaada”. But you tell me why do we have to call him that? If he feels bad on being called Shahzaada then the nation also feels bad on this dynasty politics.
15). JP fought for democracy all his life and went to jail also.
16). Dynasty is biggest enemy of democracy. Other enemy is casteism, communal politics & other is opportunism Sadly, in the politics of Bihar all 4 evils are present and same in the rule of the UPA.
17). When Congress came during last elections they promised to bring prices down in 100 days but did prices come down?
UPA made the government in 2004 & 2009 & you gave some points in CMP. But 80% works not done. Can we forgive such people?
Congress promised to clean the Ganga. What happened? Did they fulfil their promise?
18). Poverty is a very big issue and due to price rises poor have nothing to eat. Children are crying. Who committed this sin?
19). They are neither bothered about the farmers nor about the poor? Do they know what poverty is? Do they know what hunger is? We are born in poverty we have experienced it.
20). Bihar gave so many Rail Ministers. Forget Rail Minister, I used to sell tea in trains. But the fact is, Tea Selling Boy knows more Railway Problems than Present railway minister.
21). Pakistan beheaded Jawans from Bihar. They were martyred. But here, there is a Government whose minister says- Soldiers are there to die, only! I say, Soldiers are there to Win enemies and not to die.
22). Nation wants change. From all 4 sides dirt is being thrown at us. But I tell them- more dirt you throw more the Lotus will shine.

Hunkaar Rally, Patna
This is not only a historic rally but a rally that will set a new history.
• Bihar BJP has asked a package of Rs. 50,000 crore. Should this not be fulfilled.
• Delhi may or may not give. It is a matter of 200 days.
• Kutch and Bharuch have significant Muslim populations at Gujarat but these are districts that are developing fast. We are the real “Secularists”, Hence forget “Psuedo Secularism” of UPA.
• Do we want to fight with each other or we want to fight with poverty. Poor Hindu & poor Muslim want to fight poverty
• Let Hindus and Muslims together work towards development.
• Our religion is “India first”.
• We have to maintain peace and harmony at any cost.
• JDU didn’t betray us, they betrayed the people of this country. The people will punish them for sure.
• We must engage in united politics and not divisive politics.