Inauguration of ESIC nursing college and Auditorium, Bengaluru

Inaugurated along with Bandaru Dattatreya ji, ESIC nursing college and auditorium in Bengaluru.

This ESI nursing college is 1st of its kind with great infrastructure. Narendra Modi Govt=Transformation Govt
Our mantra = Perform > Reform > Transform

Some of the Key bills passed in Parliament for labour benefit
1.Bonus Act amendment
2.Child Labour Act
3.Maternity Benefit Act
All pending bills cleared for labour welfare.

From 2 cr, we now have reached 3 cr beneficiaries under ESI. I as a son of railway employee understand the value of this cover.

DigitalIndia initiatives > Portability of PF, UAN no are the key steps by Narendra Modi Govt to support labour class Bandaru Dattatreya

I am glad to support ESI hospitals with affordable medicines via JanAushadhikendras, growth fm 88 to 1328 centres in 3years!

I will ink MOU with corporate like Infosys ITC, Jindal to promote Jan Aushadhi for their employees.