Today I attended along with other Adamya Chetana core team, students and teachers talk on Arakere lake by Prof TVR from I.I.Sc, Bangalore. Very informative.

In an intense discussion with Prof.Ramachandra on Bengaluru lakes rejuvenation. Time to act NOW. KempeGowda, nadaprabhu (founder of Bengaluru) is the pioneer of rain water harvesting. More than 1000 lakes made by him. Salute!

Key statistics: Bengaluru’s peak summer temp ~ 16 deg, winter ~ zero deg and apples were grown in KempeGowda’s time! how about today?
Today, only 209 lakes are existing & only 30 are alive. Collectively we need to redeem ourselves. Green and water go hand in hand.

Action points for each one of us:
i. Plant 1 sapling / week
ii. Save water : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rain water harvesting, lake rejuvenation

Well done Adamya Chetana for launching this Sujalaam initiative.