Arogya Chetana is a special program designed for the overall health care of residents of Bangalore South. The camp facility was fully equipped with skilled physicians for the convenience of the people of different parts of Bangalore South. The first campus of 2018 was organized at Vijaya Bharati School, Girinagar on 21.01.2018. The program was launched by Union Minister Shri Ananth Kumar.

Speaking after the inauguration, the minister said that the health service camps will be organized in all the areas of Bangalore South. In today’s life, women focus on the health of all members of their household but do not care about their personal health and have organized these free health check up camps for all those women today. So all these women must make use of these health camps for their health checkups.

In 1974, his mother Mrs. Girija Shastri was diagnosed with cancer and was given a nolvadex tablet every day for the treatment which cost 20 rupees, which was required twice a day, meaning a spend of Rs 40 per day totalling to Rs 1200 per month. At that time, the whole family was in a dilemma if their father would spend his monthly salary of Rs 1200 on their mother’s pill or on the monthly household needs. Many of these kinds of poor families are still in existence today, and he said that he has opened the Jan Aushadhi stores through the government to avoid such a difficult situation. In the last 3 years starting from only 99 kendras,  more than 3,000 shops have opened after the Modi government came into power.

Dr. Srinath, head of Sri Shankara Cancer Institute, explained about the features of the camp. Adamya Chetana President Smt Tejaswini Ananthkumar addressed the program.MLAs Shri Ravi Subramanya, BBMP member Mrs. Nandini Vijay Vittal were present on the occasion. More than 200 women participated in the camp and underwent a health checkup.

The following were the highlights of the camp:

  1. Information from experts on healthcare.
  2. Treatment and counseling by a medical team consisting of 8 skilled women doctors.
  3. Free check up and free treatment along with free medicine system.
  4. Suitable tips on practicing yoga and changing lifestyle.