Annapoorna, the midday meal programme of Adamya Chetana reaches over 2 Lakh children in thousands of schools across Bangalore, Hubli, Gulbarga and Jodhpur. The nutritious tasty meals are hygienically prepared at well-equipped kitchens set up especially for this project with the help of government and donors.  Recent initiatives of Adamya Chetana have yielded exciting results making Annapoorna, a Zero-garbage kitchen. Our search for alternate fuels has enabled us to effectively use bio-Fuels derived from waste saving the otherwise used fossil based fuels – 60 LPG cylinders or 300 liters of Diesel per day. The meals are packed in stainless steel containers and distributed to schools in customized vehicles. The teachers and volunteers serve the hot meals in the school. The meal varies everyday- rice and sambar, curd rice, pongal, bisi-bele-bhaat, sweet pongal, daal, Roti, Daliya etc. The inclusion of daal, vegetables, jaggery, condiments make the meals nutritious. With the assistance of the Government, volunteers, donors, and the corporates, we have been able to reach thousands of school children day after day. As an effective partner in this challenging activity of the Government, we have made this programme exceptional.

Fossil Free Fuel: No LPG No Diesel

The Bangalore kitchen, cooks food for 72000 children from 324 schools on a daily basis. The fuel used to do this cooking was LPG in initial years and then switched over to Diesel and our daily consumption was as high as 400 litres per day. But now, Adamya Chetana can proudly claim that the entire fossil fuel consumption has been replaced with renewable non petroleum based organic fuels.

Cost Effective: When we cook for thousands, every paisa counts. For Adamya Chetana the huge numbers have been converted to students’ advantage. Costs have been brought down, thanks to economies of scale. Voluntary participation has further reduced the costs. Annapoorna has brought down the per meal cost to less than Rs. 4.00 (excluding rice / wheat). The children, therefore, receive a variety of good quality meals.

Scientific Approach Annapoorna has created unique processes for preparing and delivering hot midday meals to thousands of children across hundreds of schools.

Maintaining high standards of safety and hygiene every single day.