• “This wave is going to become a tsunami and the Congress will be nowhere to be seen,”
  • “What does Assam not have, this is a blessed State. But who has looted Assam. 2014 Elections mark the beginning of the end of the Congress. India will become Congress Mukt,”
  • “Assam Government cannot rise over vote bank politics. They abused human rights in name of detention camps. Several people died for the sake of lakhs of people suffering in detention camps. After forming the Government we will finish the detention camps. Some people have come to fulfill people’s aspirations of vote bank politics and others have come whose lives have been ruined there.”
  • “Be it any nation, if a Hindu is troubled then there is only one place where   the Hindu will come. Should we treat them in the same way as they are treated elsewhere? No we cannot…. What did Atal ji for Hindus in Pakistan? He made a comprehensive scheme for them. And the infiltrators who have come for political purposes must be sent back. Right of people cannot be snatched like this. Only Assam taking in the Hindus from Bangaldesh is not proper. All States must contribute and they must get treated well…..Next to Assam is Bangaldesh and next to Gujarat is Pakistan. Due to Bangladesh, people of Assam are troubled and due to me Pakistan is worried.”
  • “Why is Congress dividing Brahmaputra and Barak valley. Why different prices for labour working on tea cultivation. Children of those working in tea gardens should get education, opportunities,”
  • “I have heard when your CM comes to know I am coming he gets sleepless nights. Your CM came here a few days ago and made promises on things not happening for years. Do not trust Congress ever. The Government is Assam cannot do any good for you. Where was your CM when there were floods in 2012? He was in USA and went to Japan then. When your CM was asked he said I had gone to study flood management. Can we trust our future in such hands?”
  • “Nation and our youth cannot wait any further. Poor and youth are suffering. Youth from North-East have rich potential in sports. Why cannot we have a sports university?”