Shri Narendra Modiji addressed a 15000 strong student audience on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of JN Medical College, a part of KLE University, in Belgaum and stressed on the importance of education and called for more research and use of technology in health sector.

He addressed students from various health education colleges in Belgaum and emphasized the importance of education and progress in the health sector in the country. Modiji addressed over fifteen thousand students at the district stadium on the theme of healthcare in the country.

Excerpts from his speech:

  • We have to climb new heights with the help of education. Today, health sector is one of the biggest areas to worry about in this country. The number of diseases are increasing, along with increasing number of patients. There are no adequate numbers of doctors. On the one hand, we are one of the youngest countries in the world, and on the other hand, we do not have skilled staff in the paramedical sector and same is the condition of technology.
  • We have to import a lot of our equipment from outside. Technology influences medical science a lot. Medical science is incomplete without technology, but we lag far behind in the technology and research sector. Today, it is very difficult for a poor man to get his treatment done, not only due to the expensive procedures but also, because of lack of equipment all over the country.
  • Education is extremely important and it is the most powerful medium to bring change in any society.
  • There are some people who are farsighted and when they initiate a task, nobody realizes at that time, that a small step taken by them, has the power to start a movement. I would like to salute the great men who realized the importance of education and its propagation 98 years back.
  • People come to Belgaum from every corner of the country.It is because of this reason, that this educational institution in Belgaum has made an impression all over the country. For any society to progress there needs to be a revolution and movement on time where they realize the importance of education. Any delay, stops the society from progressing.
  • Education is one of the most crucial factors to determine the future of any country, In China, English language did not hold a ground. Once the global economic era started, China realized that it was important to introduce English in the primary level and in a very short time they adapted to the changes, restoring their traditions simultaneously. Within ten years they entered ten of their universities in the list of top thirty universities in the world.
  • Education has the power to change a society. We need to take new initiatives for prevention in which medical professionals and social workers together spread awareness and importance of preventions.
  • There is dearth of doctors and paramedical staff in the country, we need to generate more para medical training institutions.
  • India was once known for education sector as back as 2,800 years ago. For 1,600 years India lead the world in education in universities like Nalanda and Takshashila where students from other countries came to seek education.