Few Points for Modiji’s speech at Bangalore:-
Modi ji's speech - About Heights of Karnataka !
1). To address the mass as: “Nanna Preethiya Kannadigare” (None of the leaders have addressed like this! or any better sentence than this).

2). The largest dynasty who have ruled India has been given by Karnataka:-  At the time of VijayaNagar Empire, some portions of Assam was also ruled by these Emperors. KrishnaDeva Raya had had established trade routes with many foreign countries and its the longest duration of any Empire ruled at India too, for more than 350+ years!!!

But, our so called History gives importance to Mughal Emperors who have ruled only Northern India that too for around 150 years. Our History needs correction as we are following the “lessons and chapters” in our schools and Universities that are written British Historian’s, which is completely wrong.

(No Kannadiga knows this, hence it will be the highlight about Karnataka which all Kannadigas will surely like)

British Historians divided our Nation in many ways by putting across words like Arya and Dravida too. Now, the entire History stands on these wrong words, wrong classification. They bought Racism to India.
3). Cauvery is the highly utilized river which has its birth at Coorg, Karnataka. It also fulfills the requirement of Tamilnadu and Kerala.
4). Karnataka is the land of languages as its having 7 native language’s and are :-
a). Kannada,
b). Sanskrit (“Mattur” – In between Shimoga and Bhadravati. And also at Pachapura, North Karnataka)
c). Tulu  (Mangalore to Udupi),
d). Coorgi (Madikeri/ Coorg),
e). Konkani (Karwar/ Uttarakannada),
f).  Byaari (South Mangalore upto Buntwal) ,
g). Soliganudi (tribal language of forest people starting from Nagarahole to Kukke Subramanya) and alsoh). {Optional to mention}- Pure Arabic (at Ullal to Manjeshwara, Mangalore) exists at Karnataka and is not found in any state across India – Proving the safety and Independence of Muslim Brothers and Sisters at Hindu Lands.
Hence, this proves that Kannadiga’s were living in Diversity from long back. This is also a main reason why other language speaking people are heartily welcomed in  this state, which has ready made environment for a “True Cosmopoliton”.
4). All the “Mathaacharya’s” of this country belong to this state:-
a). Madhwacharya was born at “Paajaka” nearby Udupi, Karnataka,
b). Shankaracharya came from Kerala and started his Mutt’s at “Shringeri”, Karnataka and
c).  Ramanujacharya came to Karnataka  from Tamilnadu and started his preachings at Melukote, Karnataka
All these Historic people were in different centuries is the fact!!! Still, Karnataka sheltered them and their preachings started from Karnataka.
5). Almost, all the District Centres (Jilla Kendras) have Engineering and Medical College’s from past 2+ decades, which helped Karnataka to produce more Intellectuals and Entrepreneurs.
6). These many rivers and water sources are not there in any state’s.
For Ex:- All Taluk’s in Shimoga and almost all Taluk’s at Chickmagalur are having different rivers. In other words, All the Taluk’s in these Districts are formed on the bank of different Rivers.
Still there is scarcity of water is surprising!!! and also lack of power generation (Hydro-Electricity) without taking the full benefits of these water sources shows that poor ruling of Congress and JD leaders. Either they lack with these knowledge or they are incapable of using the resources!!!
7). Maximum Coffee, Betel Nuts – Leaves are grown at Karnataka. Highest Tea growing State after Assam and Kerala. Every District of Karnataka grows different type of Crops and is specialized but farmers are poor is the Controversial Fact.
8). Kannada is the language which is equivalent to Sanskrit in its Grammar and have taken maximum “Gnana Pita” Awards. Its also announced as “Classical Language’s” of this Nation.
9). Modiji gives lot of quotes about Ramayan:- One fact is Anjaneya/ Hanumantha belongs to Karnataka – Kishkinda is at Hampi as per all the historian’s of India. Rama met Anjaneya at Kishkinda and we can see several monuments at Hampi in regards to these facts of Ramayan.
10). As Ganga is in Northern India, South India have Tunga River and its water is the sweetest among all the rivers across India.
(A old idiom States that :- Ganga Snana and Tunga Paana).
11). Almost, all the HariDasa’s like Purandara, Kanaka, Jagannatha Dasa’s belong to Karnataka and introduced new literature called “Dasa-Sahitya” which has contributed to Kannada in its own way.
12). Many Devotees like Basavanna and his followers belongs to Karnataka who have introduced “Vachana Sahitya” which has also helped the Kannada Language.
13). Coming to recent decades development of the state:-
a). Bangalore is called “Silicon Valley” of India as highest IT companies are accumulated here.
b). Maximum IT exports happens from Bangalore.
c). All the District Centres can be focused in the upcoming days as they too have lot of Engineers or Engineering candidates and also have “Cosmopolitan” Environments.
(Due to lack of Govt. actions, this is not achieved yet)