There was an official meeting with the President of Republic of Tatarstan, Russia H.E Mr. Rustam Minnikhanov. He is on a 2 day visit to India with a large delegation of government officials and industry leaders from Tatarstan.

While welcoming the visiting dignitary, I talked about the long standing relationship between India and Russia and gave a brief overview of various activities which are undertaken by the three departments, i.e, Department of Fertilizers, Department of Chemicals and Petro chemicals and Department of Pharmaceuticals . I also highlighted the various opportunities India and Russia, and particularly Tatarstan which can take the relationship further.

The President while reciprocating briefed about the Republic of Tatarstan , and informed that this Republic is one of the most developed regions of Russia. He also informed that this Republic is highly industrialised. He stated that the main resource of the Republic is oil and natural gas. Tatarstan produces 32 MT of crude oil per year with estimated oil reserves of more than 1 billion tonnes. He also informed that that industrial production constitutes 45% of the republic’s gross regional domestic product. The most important manufacturing industries in the Republic are petro chemicals industry and machine building. The truck maker KAMAZ is the region’s largest enterprise and employs around one fifth of the total work workforce of the Republic. He also mentioned that KAZANORGSINTEZ is one of the Russia’s largest manufacturing company. Tatarstan’s aviation industry is also highly developed. Among other industries, engineering, textiles, clothing, wood processing and food industry are also significant industries present in the Republic.

India and Tatarstan have huge potential for economic and industrial cooperation particularly in the field of petro-chemical , production of fertilizer and pharmaceuticals. With a substantial resource base, Indian companies can work together with other companies by way of joint ventures or collaborations and further the development of India and Tatarstan. A joint working group comprising of official and industry leaders from the both the sides to identify areas of mutual cooperation and also to work out the road map for implementing the identified projects was proposed. The President welcomed this move and stated that his Government was willing to provide to all necessary support to the Indian companies willing to work in Tatarstan.