The present Government has done little for youth

On Thursday while addressing a huge youth gathering at the expansive Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad the nation’s Prime Minister in waiting Shri Narendra Modi stated that although the Congress party had blown their own horns about development of youth but its government at the Centre had done little for them except offering speeches.  Shri Modi said while the Congress-led government had earned praise from different corners when in the last budget it earmarked Rs 1,000 crore for skill development of as many as 10 lakh youngsters, not much came out of it.

“What did it do? Only 18,352 persons were imparted training, when they promised 10 lakh. And nobody produced any account for the rest,” contended Shri Modi. “We can’t trust them (the Congress party) anymore,” he said while adding, “For them, the youth are mere voters, for us youth is power and an instrument of country-building.”

As the crowd gave a bracing ovation Modi ji eloquently proclaimed, “Nazar badlo to nazare badal jayenge (if you alter the way you look at things, the perspective will change).”  Shri Modi announced it was time to realize how the state of affairs in the country had depreciated during the last ten years.