This is the UPA’s Farewell Budget and unfortunately the Hon. Finance Minister has transgressed the Constitutional framework of Article 116 of the Constitution which specifies clearly the powers of the Government in taking a Vote on Account, and does not allow the Government to indulge in grandiose announcements.
This is the history of the Congress and, more specifically the UPA, which has in the last ten years made grand announcements which have remained on paper. If we look at the developmental and social sectors, whether it is education, health, infrastructure, employment and poverty eradication, India has deteriorated in actual terms.
The UPA and Congress flaunt statistics which are suspect because, instead raising the bench marks for standards of living, they have lowered it to paint a rosy picture. But the nation knows that the Finance Minister and the UPA has always been economic with only the truth and nothing else.
An example is the One Rank One Pension announcement in this Budget Speech which is again eyewash as it is being done only prospectively from the fiscal 2014-15.
The Bengaluru-Chennai and Bengaluru-Mumbai industrial corridors were mentioned in last year’s Budget also, and this year we are again informed that the plans are different stages of preparation. All other Metros in India have been given special packages but the demand for a special package of Rs. 5000 crores for Bengaluru has been ignored by UPA-Congress for successive years.
10 years of the UPA have left the country bankrupt and left the economy in shambles. The track record of the UPA’s 10 years has been spiralling inflation, rampant corruption and stagnant economy. The Interim General Budget for 2014-15 is a reflection of the same.
When the UPA took over in 2004 when growth was 8.5% and when they go out this year, which is a foregone conclusion, they are going to leave it at 4.5%. The Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers rose from 3.9% in 2003-04 to 10.8% in 2013-14. The Government’s own figures show Domestic investment has fallen in just the last one year from Rs. 17.3 lakh crores in 2010-11 to Rs. 5.6 lakh crores in 2012-13. There is no confidence of investors, industry or the common man in the UPA-Congress regime or the triumvirate of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Smt. Sonia Gandhi or Shri Rahul Gandhi.

Enough is enough – this Budget reflects the UPA-Congress’s sense of desperation as they are clueless on governance and the burning issues in the country. A test of the vision of a Government is not what it has achieved in actual terms but in what it could have achieved for the country.

It is time for the UPA to go.