Shri Narendra Modi addressed a large crowd of supporters at the Hunkar rally in Purnia, Bihar, on the afternoon of 10th of March, 2014.Shri Modi mentioned how the State government was sanctioning grants for dummy schools, as well the lack of safety in Bihar: “There are schools for whom money is going but nothing is happening. Can ‘paper schools’ make the future of Bihar’s youth? We need schools not on paper but on the ground…Bihar needs to be free from terror and Maoism but the CM is not interested as it comes in the way of his vote bank politics.”

He also spoke of how children – the future generation – were made to suffer. “Be it Patna or Delhi, are they bothered about your children. Innocents were killed after eating mid-day meals. The Centre formed a committee since a year but not one meeting was held for the concern. It is not that they are spoiling today’s Bihar. So immersed in votebank politics they are that they keep playing with your future,” said Shri Modi. Citing the sorry conditions of jute cultivation in the State, Shri Modi said, “The Shahzaada keeps making allegations but is not willing to answer. What happened to the jute industry here. They let jute farmers get ruined but themselves are experts in telling lies.”

Ensuring that development must reach every person, irrespective of their caste, creed or community, Shri Modi affirmed, “Our focus will be the states on the Eastern part of India and bring them at par with the rest of the states. Bihar needs the change and the help to shine. Be it special package, status or attention…for the good of Bihar we will do everything, and that will be our priority.”

Attacking the Congress government’s lack of accountability for their deeds in the past decade, Shri Modi stated how the Congress VP spoke of introducing technology and giving mobile phones to the people, but asked if the entire country had regular electricity supply to charge the phones. He further added, “Schools in Bihar don’t have computers – in a state where there are so many bright youngsters, is this a good thing? The coming age is about technology, but only 2% schools have computers. Shahzaade ji, what is the Centre doing about this.” Shri Modi also asked if the Congress minister’s claim of making the Akash tablet available to all was met by, and if not when would it be made.” One of their  Ministers said we will give Akash Tablet but when will the tablet come on earth? ” said Shri Modi.

Attacking the Third Front, Shri Modi said that these were only a set of parties made to either support the Congress or save them: “They rise when the poll bugle is sounded…only to sleep and rise during the next elections.”

Stating how parties played politics in the name of secularism, Shri Modi put forth facts from the Sachar community report, which highlighted how the poverty in urban Muslims was 45% in Bihar and only 24% in  Gujarat, in rural Muslims this figure was 38% in Bihar and 7% in Gujarat, the per month expenditure for an urban Muslim in Bihar was Rs. 550 and Rs. 875 in Gujarat, and for a rural Muslim was 426 in Bihar and 670 in Gujarat, the literacy in Muslims was 42% in Bihar and 74% in Gujarat, infant mortality rate was 100 in per 1000 children in Bihar and 50 in Gujarat. “Gujarat’s secularism is true secularism…it works for every section of society,” affirmed Shri Modi. Shri Modi also extended greetings to all for the upcoming festival of Holi and affirmed that along with the colours of Holi, the colour of the BJP too would spread all over the Nation soon.

Senior BJP leaders like former Deputy CM Shri Sushil Modi ,Lok Sabha MPs Shri Shahnawaz Hussain Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy Uday Singh, Kirti Azad among others  spoke on the occasion and urged the crowd to show their support for BJP in 2014 elections.