Event Place : Palace Grounds, Bengaluru

Pedestrian Entrance – Gayathri Vihar gate and TV Tower gate

Vehicle Parking – Palace Cross Road near Mount Carmel College

Date and Time – 17th November 2013, 11:00 AM


Come, join us in a celebration called “Bharatha Gellisi” !

Shri.Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP, will be addressing the people of Karnataka in the “Bharath Gellisi” rally on 17th November at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru at 11:00 AM.

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A mammoth crowd, including people from all walks of life, karyakartas and supporters from across Karnataka will be arriving in Bengaluru to listen to Shri.Modi. It is an occasion to celebrate as the moment of change has arrived in our country.

On this historical occasion, it is also an opportunity for all the karyakarthas, supporters and delegates to set an example and ensure the success of the rally by responsibly following some important instructions –

  1. Delegates are requested to use pedestrian entrances at “Gayathri Vihar” or the “TV Tower” gates.
    – Vehicle parking for 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers is available at the Palace Cross Road near Mount Carmel College. Guests can proceed by foot to the venue through any of the designated gates.
    – Registration fee can be paid at the designated counters before proceeding to the seating area. Follow order at all times.
  2. Do not carry any bags/ laptops/ sharp objects / carry bags etc to the venue. For security reasons, such items will not be allowed inside the venue. Restrict your belongings to your mobile phone and wallet/purse(or cash).
  3. Please use a two-wheeler or find a partner who has a bike to reach the rally venue or use public transport or car pool. As karyakarthas and supporters from across the state are attending this event, it is our responsibility as Bengalurians to ensure that we do not cause traffic jams.
  4. As mobile jammers will be installed around the venue request your near and dear ones to send you an SMS to reach you during the rally.
  5. Many of our volunteers will be spread across the venue to provide any help and guidance. In the rare event that mischievous elements may cause an argument or fight, please avoid getting involved and seek help from a volunteer nearby.
  6. In case of any emergency, seek help from a volunteer nearby.
  7. A lot of care has been taken to ensure the highest levels of security for the rally venue by the BJP and the Bengaluru police. Yet, as a responsible citizen, keep a vigil on everything around and inform a volunteer or police personnel nearby in case of suspicious activity.
  8. Give priority to children, ladies, senior citizens and people with special needs while entering and exiting the venue.
  9. Maintain discipline at all times. Do not litter the grounds.
  10. Do not resort to honking on the roads near the venue.

Let us make this celebration called “Bharata Gellisi” a grand success. Share this post so that Bengaluru can set an example on the occasion of this historical event.

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