Smt. Tejaswini addressed the gathering, thanked Baba Ramdevji and welcomed him to the Mahotsav. She added, “It is indeed fortunate for the Adamya Chetana Family comprising of [324 schools, 72000 children, employees, trustees and volunteers], to receive the world renowned Shri BabaRamdev Guruji in this 10th year of the Annapoorna Mid-Day meal scheme. I wish to thank Baba Ramdevji on behalf of all our employees, Karyakartas, Sri Chetana members, school children, teachers and trustees who work day and night in our kitchen. All our 70000 students in Bangalore, 40000 students in Jodhpur,  80000 students in Hubli, 48000 students in Jodhpur, 15000 in Gulbarga, 6 trustees, 300+ cooking staff thank you with your presence. Also we are enthused that Adamya Chetana can work with your great institution to replicate the Annapoorna model in Bihar, Orissa and other areas where such scheme is needed.”

Ananthkumar began his address and saluted Baba Ramdevji for his presence at the AC Mahotsav, where the theme this year is Prakruti, Samsrkruti and Jagruti. He further said: “Baba Ramdevji signifies a Triveni sangam of all these qualities in the country; it will be hard to find another person who represents all these qualities. Baba Ramdevji visited our pathsahaala and Annapoorna kitchen today morning. As you all may be aware of, we provide mid-day meals in 3-4 cities in Karnataka and 1 city in Rajasthan with the central and state help. Baba Ramdevji said that we should do this not only in 3-4 cities, but requested us to take this to all towns and cities beyond across the country.”

Ananthkumar further said: “If anyone can do it, it is not a political figure like me, but rather social activist Baba Ramdevji only can do  it. Baba Ramdevji said that we should take this to Bihar, Kalahandi in Orissa; in fact cover all over India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, from Kutch to the far eastern parts of India.”

Ananthkumar thanked Baba Ramdevji for his gracious presence and invited Baba Ramdevji to address the gathering.

Baba Ramdevji started off with the word “Adamya Chetana” and said: ”The word itself is very powerful. I have never gone to a pilgrimage (Tirth); however after visiting here to look at the work of Adamya Chetana that is going on here has made me feel like I have gone to a Tirth. Such sacred work, such divine culture of seva is indeed a great achievement. In the scriptures, it is written: annam brahmeti , anna seva is like brahma seva, bhagwan ki moorth seva;  these sevas are all the visible forms of the divine God. In the Ramayana it is said, – Siya Ram mai sab jag jaane; in the Geeta – vasudeva sarvam idam – the entire srushti is an embodiment of God, mankind is a divine form, and children are the actual embodiment of God. And the seva that goes to these children in the form of providing meals through Adamya Chetana and Annapoorna, with sahas, parakaram, pavitrata, shourya, nishta, samarpan, niranta vritti;  in the memory of his late mother, blessed be his mother’s soul, is a blessing for both Ananthkumar and Tejaswini. It is indeed quite fortunate to get the blessings of ancestors. I salute the great mother who had a sanskarwan (nearing to perfection) son like Ananthkumar and a charitrawan (principled, virtuous) father Prabhakar Oak who had a daughter like Tejaswini. Her name is Tejaswini – her work is also Tejaswini – her Tej is evident in her work.”

He added: “In Politics, whatever Punya comes to Ananthkumar, the credit goes to work done by Tejaswini. In Politics, success is rare, what is more common is failure – one can move ahead only through good deeds. In AK’s success at the national level, where his name is prominent on the political stage at the national level; this can only be attributed to the Seva that he and his wife Tejaswini do on a daily basis. Whatever we have achieved in this life, is due to our good deeds. This is what God has written.

Compared to other institutions with world class infrastructure, Adamya Chetana is one of the best at what it does. In fact, others should also take this model and replicate it in every town, city and village. When 3.5 Rs and 100 gm rice is given; 1 Re needs to be added to each to give a wholesome meal. When checked by the best experts across the country, Adamya Chetana has consistently stood out as one of the country’s best provider of mid-day meals.

It is a matter of great pride for Adamya Chetana to be #1; it’s the same whether it is cricket, hockey, politics, health, fitness, and singing. You all know what backstabbing happens in politics. But in the Seva arena, Adamya Chetana stands as #1 in the country.

In Karnataka as well as remote Jodhpur where the camel-carts are to be found; 30 Crore lunches have been provided to children over 10 years; which is a great achievement for Adamya Chetana. On another note, Tejaswini and AK In fact spend 200 Rs per child per year for providing meals to children which is received as a donation to fill in the gap between the raw materials provided by the government and the associated expenses needed to cook and deliver a wholesome healthy mid-day meal to students. This is done in a transparent way using a small team and volunteers.

In many other places, the corruption actually eats away most of the grain and other material that the centre provides and nothing is left for the students. Today, this affects everything from 2G, coal, rice and other essential commodities where we find corruption to be endemic. I am surprised how the raw grain is eaten up and they don’t get indigestion….”

He further added: “I will take Tejaswini’s help and take this to other parts of the country like Orissa, Bihar where there is a greatest need of such resources. I thank Ananthkumar, Adamya Chetana and Tejaswini for this seva and all the trustees”.

He concluded by addressing the crowd in Kannada and gave his blessings to the gathering. He said that this is not an easy task but I admire the way in which Adamya Chetana is doing it so well.

Following which, he leapt up from his seat and said: “Now, my second work starts”, and asked the children present whether they would like to do some yoga? After an enthusiastic response from the crowd, he jumped on the stage front and center and demonstrated the yoga postures in his inimitable style. He said that doing yoga increases ones stamina and IQ. He demonstrated Asanas, Pranayama, Anulom-Vilom and other techniques to improve one’s health and reduce stress in the body and exhorted everyone to do Yoga daily.

It was an inspiring morning… quite different from what one finds in the regular 9 to 5 IT Software job…