5th June is the day we all celebrate World Environment Day. It is not just the time to remember that we need to plant trees, but to rededicate ourselves to this cause – the cause of improving Greenery all around.
Planting is more than symbolic. Each tree gives birth to thousands of trees. Start of planting 1,000 trees today.
Along with Dr. Tejaswini Ananthkumar, Shri Ravisubramanya, MLA, Shri Basavaraj Bommai, MLA, Bengaluru University VC Muniraju and Corporators KempeGowda, Vani Rao, Pratibha Dhanraj were present to encourage the volunteers.
Let us make Bengaluru, green again. Not just green, but 1:1 Green.
I share my views on what I believe is the point of action to be undertaken. For any given problem, there can be solutions that can be a point solution addressing only the immediate symptom and there can be a larger holistic solution, that addresses all factors, more so the root cause. I strongly believe, that any sustainable Green initiative must be holistic in nature, that takes into account all the factors that impact leading to this current problem. This actually calls for redefining the problem statement in the first instance and then addressing these issues.
Today’s problem is not just of lesser trees. It is a much bigger problem. I call it a lifestyle problem. Our lifestyle has become nature – unfriendly leading to symptoms that we see today like very high temperature, water scarcity, food being contaminated etc. Therefore, if we define the problem more as a Lifestyle issue rather than a narrow lack of green cover, we arrive at a solution that can be sustainable.
The solution, therefore is GreenLifeStyle, that helps us address many of these issues. Energy savings, water savings, tree cover improvement, organic food consumption, movement towards millets, terrace gardening, waste management.. the list goes on. Unless we adopt the GreenLifeStyle in its entirety, the solution would be cosmetic.
I call Sasyagraha (our initiative to plant more trees in Bengaluru / Karnataka / Bharat to make it Greener) a part of this larger “GreenLifeStyle”. This is our long term initiative, under the name of EcoChetana – bringing back the bubbly spirit of nature. I am very glad and proud that Adamya Chetana has been at the forefront of this GreenLifeStyle / EcoChetana.
The following, if I may suggest, are the action points / GreenLifeStyle Mantras , that are feasible (I am so confident because I and my family have adopted this in our daily life)
1. Use LED instead of tubelights
2. Use solar water heaters
3. Implement Grid on rooftop solar power
4. Use maximum natural sunlight & air, use less granite (energy efficient buildings)
5. Plant & nurture at least 1 tree every year on our & our family members’ birthdays
6. Zero Garbage Kitchen:
a. Segregate waste into wet and dry waste very sincerely
b. Implement & use Biogas for making use of wet waste instead of wasting it
7. Reduce usage of plastics as much as possible (use of steel plate, containers instead of use & throw plastic plates, glasses etc
8. Grow kitchen garden, so that not only we make use of waste into manure etc, but also grow our own vegetables and improve green cover
9. Use clay based Pooja materials (Ganesh idol) instead of Plastic of Paris based idols. Make sure that the lakes are not polluted during the immersion program
10. Influence people in your circle to implement the same in their lives too
11. Clothing we wear – more cottons, Silk rather than polyster
12. Reduce paper usage
13. Animal sensitivity – Never put food in to plastic bags for disposing (for ex. cow health)
14. Rain water harvesting
15. Avoid bottled / mineral water
16. Say NO to Polythene Carry Bags; Say YES to Cloth Bags
17. Say NO to Straws, Drink Juice without
18. Vermicompost/Biodigester per house to manage bio waste
19. Use recycled water for washing vehicles and water in to plants
20. Walk, cycle, take public transport or car pool. Avoid driving a car if you are just one or two people.
21. Reuse clothes and shoes to the maximum, donate them to the needy.
22. Have a house that fits your needs, not your ego. A small house leaves space for other humans and species
23. Buy locally grown vegetables and fruit. Exotic fruit have travelled miles and have a huge carbon foot print
24. Cosmetics /perfumes etc to be avoided for having chemicals etc
25. Think before you throw